Guided Meditation Chapel Hill


These sessions take you on a guided meditation into a past life so that you may gain insight into present behavioral patterns and beliefs that are currently affecting you in this life. The purpose of this is to help you release patterns and beliefs that were created in another lifetime that are keeping you from living a more full life now. I believe we come into this world to learn certain lessons in order to grow and evolve and also to do some karmic healing. A past-life session can assist in this process.


Please refer to my pricing page for more details.

Serving across Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Burlington, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas.


“I have found it very energizing and inspiring to work with Sarah. She is exceptionally intuitive, and can effortlessly pinpoint emotional, mental and/or physical blockages. She is also courageous and open enough to discuss any issue. She creates an inviting, safe space for discussion. Her approach is very professional with a fun, friendly touch.”


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