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Meet Sarah Pryor: The Life Coach and Massage Therapist Behind InnerEssence

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Spring has arrived in North Carolina, and as the buds on the trees are popping out, I imagine some of you are starting to feel the same way. Are you beginning to feel inspired to spring clean, organize, and work on your long-awaited to-do list? Sit outside with friends, go on hikes, play in your garden? Maybe you’ve begun feeling differently emotionally – more energy and in need of less sleep, ready to pop out of bed in the mornings and feeling less sulky about your day ahead, overall more ready to face the world and your day ahead? I know I have been feeling some of that. We are beginning to move into spring, after all, so those feelings and energies tend to come with the territory.

In case you’ve never met me, or it’s been a good long while since we’ve been acquainted, let me re-introduce myself. Hello, I am Sarah Pryor of InnerEssence. Some of you may know me primarily as Sarah Pryor, the massage therapist, but there are many petals to this blooming flower, including Sarah Pryor, life coach, Reiki Master teacher, and energy worker. InnerEssence ties all of these roles together with compassion and honesty; two of my core values.

My Story

But how did I get here? I can remember graduating from the University of North Carolina with my BA in Psychology and having no idea what I wanted to do with my life. A curiosity about massage kicked in when I began seeing a massage therapist regularly after graduating from UNC. At my sessions with her, I would ask questions about her training, which she seemed enthusiastic to answer; this eventually led me to look into massage school. I then took a one-day massage workshop to try it out, and that was it. I signed up, and here I am, celebrating my 20th year as a massage therapist!!! I truly can’t believe it!

I’ve followed the threads of my curiosity from there - studying yoga, Reiki, Soul Coaching, and Intuitive Life Coaching. Continuing to further my studies in these areas gives me more tools to draw from when clients walk through my door. Helping others on their various journeys brings me pleasure and purpose and many moments of inspiration, joy, laughter, sadness, compassion, and gratitude. For better or worse, I often go along on the ride with my clients.

How It All Connects

I love helping people get out of pain. It is so rewarding when someone comes in with an issue and leaves without it. I also love educating people about how they can help themselves between sessions. I want to empower my clients and help them get better without having to always rely on me.

Physical pain and lack of mobility affect so many people’s daily lives and attitudes, understandably so. Sometimes our bodies are working just fine, but it is WE who feel stuck in a problem or in our life trajectory. We often get locked up, feeling like we can’t move forward due to fear, causing a lack of clarity.

As a life coach, I get to help people see or find a path where they couldn’t see one before. I encourage my clients and help them look at things they maybe didn’t want to look at before. All of us tend to have blind spots, and these can keep us mired down in something we are trying to get out of. That’s where I am good at seeing things from a neutral perspective and a bird’s-eye view. I can help illuminate those blocks, allowing you to make clearer decisions and move forward with clarity and confidence.

What Sets InnerEssence Apart

Honestly, it’s all about connection. Through InnerEssence, I bring together an array of skills and modalities to meet anyone where they are in the moment. The work we do is all about the mind-body-spirit connection.

Everyone who comes through my door is special, so I listen deeply with that in mind. I value empathy and kindness, and I want my work to be in integrity with those values.

In addition to connecting me to wonderful individuals, this dedication to listening allows me to create a high level of customer service. InnerEssence is about excellence in communication, attention to detail, and maintaining a serene and beautiful environment so that my clients can fully relax and focus on their healing journeys. I do everything I can to create a sense of emotional and physical safety for everyone I’m working with. Without that safety, healing cannot occur.

Sarah Pryor Beyond InnerEssence

My work brings me so much satisfaction - people regaining the use of their bodies, emotional breakthroughs, and those “Aha!” moments. But, of course, the bouquet that is Sarah Pryor includes more than just my vocational identities.

You might catch me replenishing myself out in nature; I do love a good walk through the woods or digging in the dirt in my flower garden; or you might see me out playing with my dogs, whom I love dearly. Cooking, when time allows, has been a favorite pastime since I was a kid. I also enjoy curling up with a good book, or connecting with MY mind, body, and spirit through weight lifting, yoga, or exercise of some sort.

Get in Touch

If this season finds you hoping to reconnect with yourself, I hope you’ll reach out. As a licensed massage therapist, I have experience in medical massage, structural integration, and myofascial work. As an energy worker, I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, and as a certified life coach, I specialize in past-life regressions, guided meditation, and the transformative healing that comes when we combine bodywork with soul searching. Please feel free to call me at (919) 427-9366 or email me at

Wishing you beautiful blooms in your life this spring season and beyond.

In service,

Sarah Pryor