Transformative Healing - Massage & Coaching

go deep.

Connect with all aspects of the self through a coaching, massage and energy work session.

WHat it is ...

If you are looking to go deep — deep into yourself, deep into your emotions, deep into relaxation — then this is the session for you.  With a combination of massage and various other techniques such as energy work, guided meditation and coaching, you will get much more than you pay for.  This session type offers you the biggest bang for your buck.

Your session begins with coaching and getting clear on your intentions for the session — what you want clarity around, what you want to release from your life, what you want to call into your life, etc.  Afterwards, we move into the deeply relaxing massage and energy work segment.  More coaching may or may not take place during this time, but before you leave, you will feel more relaxed, grounded, and clear.


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“It was incredible that so much of the feedback she gave me was spot on! I got further insight into some of the things I had been feeling, and knowing I was putting out that kind of energy gave me incentive to change. Her feedback was offered with love and compassion, and the honesty with which she spoke helped me understand her desire to truly help others.”

— Becky