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Virtual Offerings of Support—Body and Soul

These are clearly stressful times that have popped up so very quickly and left us feeling dazed, confused, panicked, frantic, overwhelmed, and possibly lonely and bored. I have certainly felt all of those emotions—sometimes all in the span of a day.  Yikes!  How about you?  How have you been feeling?  Do any of those ring a bell for you?

So, let’s talk.  I mean that literally AND figuratively, as I am a life coach.  Some of you have known me solely as a massage therapist, but I have an array of other services, as well, that I can offer virtually while we are all social distancing.  I am a Reiki Master, a certified Soul Coach, Intuitive Life Coach, and I have been trained in Past Life Regression Therapy. And throughout my training in those modalities, I developed a fun little thing called a Divine Soul Reading.  I suggest clicking on the links to learn more about each service in greater detail, but I will give you a quick overview right now.  


As a life coach I am able to offer you support during these trying times—or during any trying time!  No, I can’t offer psychotherapy, but I can help you focus and get clarity on what you might need to be doing right now, especially with the state of affairs.  I can also help you find ways to bring more positivity into your life during this time.  My job as a coach is to clarify where you are stuck—or where you think you might be stuck—to help you focus and get clear on what you want and how to get you where you want to be.  This is for people who are ready to be truly honest with themselves, as honesty is a superpower that will change your life!


Reiki is an energetic healing session that can be done in person (although not right now!) or what is called “long distance.”  Since the entire universe is made up of molecules of energy, including us, that means everything is interconnected—you, me, the butterflies, the farm animals, the stardust, the air, you name it.  That’s ONE reason the choices you make everyday affect everyONE! But there’s no time to get into that right now.  ;) This interconnectedness through energy is what allows Reiki to be done from anywhere.  If you're the praying kind, think of it in those same terms; you don't have to be with the person for prayer to work for them. Reiki is a healing salve.  It can soothe anxiety, lessen depression, and support your body in its healing process. As for how much you need in order to experience the benefits, it’s comparable to massage. One massage or Reiki session may feel good, but the more you do it, the more positive change you will see.


A Divine Soul Reading includes my skills as a Reiki Master and a coach, but also my handy dandy intuitive skills.  I wish someone would write up a description of this service for me, as I have a hard time summarizing it appropriately.  This session starts out with me doing a long-distance Reiki session on you, which eventually turns into an intuitive download of information that is meant to benefit growth, change, and healing in your life.  No, I do not tell you if you’ll find love in three weeks, but I may tell you that if you want to find love “these” are the things you need to change within yourself to make that happen.  The intuitive information I receive about you is meant to support you in the ways you are looking for help and enlightenment in the moment.  


On my website I only mention the Soul Coaching 28-day program, as I include my Soul Coaching training under the umbrella of my life coaching.  The 28-day program is a separate entity that involves, you guessed it, 28 days.  This can be done virtually, and this is a great time for it.  This program involves clutter-clearing on the deepest levels–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  This is a great program to do if you want to get things moving and shaking in your life!  If you think you might have an interest in this, please do let me know soon, so I can start putting a group together.


Now, if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article, I want you to know I am offering a sliding scale from now through the end of May.  If you want to know pricing for a particular service, please let me know and I will contact you with that information.  This scale is meant to benefit people who have lost their job or whose hours have been cut back, or have never really been able to afford my services to begin with.  If your financial situation has stayed the same, and you can afford to pay full price, I would like to kindly request that you do so.  My brick and mortar is currently closed, and has been for three weeks, with an unknown number of weeks ahead.

Times of great change like this can also be times of great opportunity. I hope we have the chance to step into new territory together!