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Recalibrating During the 'Rona

Recalibrating 🤪

Before I walked out of my office last Wednesday evening, after seeing clients for the last time for at least 30 days, I was overcome with emotion; I sat down and had a cry over the whole thing. It was surprising how I felt about not coming into the office for the next month and seeing all of you week after week. I was stepping into the void, into the unknown. I was swimming in uncertainty. I wasn’t simply walking out the office door to take a month’s vacation.

I came home that evening already feeling untethered and lost at sea before the quarantine had even begun. I know my purpose in life is to help people (in all kinds of ways), and if I’m not doing helping, then I truly feel lost. I know I can still help others, not just to help support myself financially, and I am pondering this every day - “How can I help?”

One thought I had was posting on nextdoor.com (your local neighborhood bulletin board, if you’re unfamiliar) to let people know I can grocery shop for them if they are unable to get out; if someone can’t afford food right now buying them some; offering an ear if someone is feeling lonely and wants to talk. Facebook is also a good place to post this sort of thing…if you feel so inspired to offer your help in any way. Are you thinking about ways you can help right now?

We can’t be all things to all people, but sometimes getting outside of ourselves, and outside of our CRAZY heads helps US more than the other person we think we’re helping. Being selfless is funny that way. If you want to help, but don’t think you can do much, your help can be as simple as calling a friend or family member you know is home alone, or anyone you think could use a friend during this time, regardless of who they are home with.

There are people who can’t work right now and are being put into a great financial strain. Not everyone gets to just work from home. If I were still single, paying all my bills on my own, I would be really scared right now, as sole proprietors and contract workers can’t file for unemployment as of yet. I am awfully grateful people who had jobs can file for unemployment more easily than usual, theoretically, but maybe not technically! If you are in a stable financial situation, one way you can think about helping is possibly sending money or a grocery-store gift card to your local bartender, restaurant server, hairdresser, massage therapist, musician, etc. No, that was not a solicitation to send me money 😉, as I am fine, thankfully!

This is a time to remember that we truly do coexist together. We ARE a community!!! Before you might have lived your daily life going to work and coming home, day in and day out, but now that most of you are stuck at home don’t you long for connection??? I have found when I’m out on my now daily walks that more people are making eye contact and saying hello. Something I’m always fond of.

Are we going to go back to living our lives with our heads up our arses in a couple months when we return to living our busy lives? Are we going to go back to creating disconnection when deep down what we are really longing for is love and connection? Are there going to be any take-aways from all this for you?

One of my favorite things to do is have a dinner party and cook for people. I enjoy this so much because it is a great way to connect – good food and good conversation. I look forward to the day in the near future where I can do just this. It warms my heart to think about being with people I care for. What do you look forward to doing once life returns to some sense of normalcy? Please leave your comment below. Until then...may you be safe, healthy, and as happy as possible during this very strange, awkward time we are all experiencing! I am here for you if you need someone to listen or just want to chat and connect, dissipating some of the staleness of all-day every-day home life. Feel free to call, text or email. 💗

You are loved & missed,


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